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About Us

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Design | Programming | Planning | Scheduling | Site Planning | Code Analysis | Master Planning | Specifications | Construction Contract Administration

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Space Planning | Corporate Interiors| FF&E | Interior Finish Design | Furniture Specification

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Facility Capacity Studies | Facility Condition Assessments | Long Range Facility Planning | Conceptual Studies | Cost Estimating

Timeless Architecture

We believe in planning, designing and constructing buildings that are timeless in their design. Our work is not distinctly traditional, nor is it distinctly modern. At RSA, we design projects with the intent that they will transcend any specific period or label. We accomplish this by carefully selecting and assimilating materials that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also meant to last.


The projects we design today will affect not only present but future generations. With this in mind, sustainable or “green” building design is critical to our approach on every project before, during and after construction. There is no benefit for a building to stand the test of time, if it does so at the expense of the environment and the health and well-being of those on a campus or in the community.


Since the majority of RSA’s projects are Higher Education commissions where research and peer-to-peer recognition are important, we constantly innovate new design concepts incorporating flexibility, new technology and leading edge design. RSA’s goal is to create built environments for our clients that provide longer life cycles, higher return on investment and more human environments.


Among our highest aspirations as a firm, is to respect the “Architectural Heritage” of those clients we touch. RSA believes the design of structures should reflect those buildings on a campus or in a community which are timeless, provide historical significance and bring intrinsic value to its citizens. Not withstanding this philosophy, RSA believes in creating architecture that bespeaks a mission of “innovation” and “uniqueness” without disrupting the contextual fabric of the community or campus.

Our Expert Team

Randall B. Scott, AIA
Founding Principal & CEO
Greg has over 26 years experience at RSA.
Greg Conaway, AIA
Senior Vice President
Dan Brantner, AIA
Vice President
Ed Bailey, AIA
Director of Quality Control
Vanc Lazar, AIA
Associate Vice President
Preston Scott
Associate VP Business Dev.